Tuesday, July 19, 2016


CHP or cemex made its debut yesterday and reported to have buoyed the Philippine stocks trading. It was sold out, oversubscribed and on to a very good start. The price ended at Php 11.10 per stock.

Frther report here: http://www.bworldonline.com/content.php?section=TopStory&title=cemex&8217s-maiden-listing-provides-bright-spot-amid-bourse&8217s-retreat&id=130610

I hope the price will further go up and reach to the hundreds or thousands level.



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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Where is the phone?


The phone is right there! Yes, that is Jeya May's phone.

Do you see it? It is just beside the the leg of the table. It is facing down and the contour of the camera is very prominent.

One way of spotting it is by scrutinizing the parallel lines that were distorted. Oh, come on, isn't that very obvious?

Anyways, hope you can spot it right away.

Jeya May's game is trending right now, and somehow I got curious and never left the picture without my spotting the phone. I did it.

The article above left a heck of a clue that it why, Jeya's game is no longer that difficult to solve.



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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Tell him

C and T are both occupying the 2nd highest positions in an institution; they are good friends and have been working together for a long time. C is offered a newly opened position which becomes the 2nd highest position while T is being demoted to a position he never wants to occupy because it implies inefficiency, worse, his reputation is greatly affected, and his pride is badly bruised.

C now is in dilemma as to how he will inform T that he has accepted the position, as he does not want to hurt T’s feelings.

C  asks himself, should he tell him, or should he just let T learn of the developments when the boss announces the changes.

When C asked my opinion, I told him that he should tell T ahead.

It is better to be frank and honest. He does not have to explain, clarify, or worse give excuses. Answer only when posted with questions and be brief. No need to be apologetic.

Less words, less mistakes.


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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Drug related killings

The irony of ironies!

Why is the new administration feigning surprise or alarm if drug-related killings arise? Is it not that Duterte has been mouthing 'papataying ko kayo', referring to drug pushers (and drug lords) during his campaign sorties?

Hundreds and more are being killed in just a short time.

His openly waging wars by giving stern warnings to drug pushers of killing them once he ascends to the throne is seen by many as green light to killing spree (hopefully with due process).

So, again, why the seeming 'alarmed' demeanor?

I hope human rights (right to life and liberty) be at all times protected. The Constitution. no less, gives premium to these rights, it should be respected, it should be followed. 


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Tuesday, July 05, 2016


When Marco Polo joined his father in his journey to the East, they met all kinds of perilous obstacles. In one instance where Marco barely survived his life-threatening experience, one night he sat down, deep in  thought as he gazed the clear sky littered with brilliantly shinning stars, he asked himself if joining his father in his journey a correct decision. His lonesome silence was noticed by his father, coming and sitting on his side, and he asked him what he was thinking, or if he misses home. Marco did not answer. His father looked at him like he could read his mind.

His father looked up the sky. Marco followed suit. He pointed to the sky at the three bight stars lined up he said, 'If you are ever afraid, if you doubt your place in this world, follow the three sisters, and they will lead you home.'

From that time on, and from time to time, Marco gazes up the three sisters and is always comforted that no matter how long the journey will be, wherever life has brought him be, there will always be home to go back to.


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