Saturday, July 09, 2016

Tell him

C and T are both occupying the 2nd highest positions in an institution; they are good friends and have been working together for a long time. C is offered a newly opened position which becomes the 2nd highest position while T is being demoted to a position he never wants to occupy because it implies inefficiency, worse, his reputation is greatly affected, and his pride is badly bruised.

C now is in dilemma as to how he will inform T that he has accepted the position, as he does not want to hurt T’s feelings.

C  asks himself, should he tell him, or should he just let T learn of the developments when the boss announces the changes.

When C asked my opinion, I told him that he should tell T ahead.

It is better to be frank and honest. He does not have to explain, clarify, or worse give excuses. Answer only when posted with questions and be brief. No need to be apologetic.

Less words, less mistakes.


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