Thursday, June 30, 2016

Red rice for dieting

We are on diet, that is my wife and I, and we eat only red rice.

Why is red rice good for dieting? Some say it has something to do with its rich fiber content.

I am not sure, really, I just believe it is effective for maintaining a slimmer body because of my experience having eating it for the past four months and I am not gaining excess kilograms despite the bowls upon bowls of red rice I eat everyday. I compared it to my previous experience of eating white rice, just one month of white rice and my body just got bigger than big, I really bulged in my pants and shirts like I am to explode at any moment.

I have read articles that red rice really can do wonders, that it is healthier than the white rice. As to the brown rice, I read that it is also good for dieting, I just don't know as to which is better between the red and the brown rice. I do not know the effect of brown rice as I am content with the red one.

Well, if anyone has experienced eating both and can compare the effect of both, I would be glad to know, please comment if you did try it.


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