Tuesday, July 05, 2016


When Marco Polo joined his father in his journey to the East, they met all kinds of perilous obstacles. In one instance where Marco barely survived his life-threatening experience, one night he sat down, deep in  thought as he gazed the clear sky littered with brilliantly shinning stars, he asked himself if joining his father in his journey a correct decision. His lonesome silence was noticed by his father, coming and sitting on his side, and he asked him what he was thinking, or if he misses home. Marco did not answer. His father looked at him like he could read his mind.

His father looked up the sky. Marco followed suit. He pointed to the sky at the three bight stars lined up he said, 'If you are ever afraid, if you doubt your place in this world, follow the three sisters, and they will lead you home.'

From that time on, and from time to time, Marco gazes up the three sisters and is always comforted that no matter how long the journey will be, wherever life has brought him be, there will always be home to go back to.


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